All lots come with Owner Benefits at Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort.  Please see below the photos for a complete list of Owner Benefits.

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Lot owners, spouse, and children under 21 shall receive:

    - 10% discount on food and beverage at the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort including:
        - Princeton Club Restaurant
        - Full Bar and Lounge in main lodge
        - Juice Bar in the Spa

- 20% discount on Mt. Princeton Elite Membership Card at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort & use of the Spa & adjacent Relaxation Pools including:
        - Massages & other Spa Services
- Use of Fitness Center
- Health and Fitness Center Classes

- 10% discount on use of the Lower Public Pools, the Upper Pools and the Slide

Dues may not be raised more than 5% in the first 5 years from initial date of ownership and no more than the national CPI rate in any given year thereafter.

Discounted benefits apply for any of the lots in the 1st filing of The Estates at Mount Princeton and shall become a right associated with the lots which can be transferred to subsequent property owners.

All future membership sales may be terminated upon Resort owners’ discretion once there is full absorption of the lot sales.

  1. Rates may be increased based on new amenities and facilities as part of memberships.


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